by Young Blood

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released June 19, 2013

Recorded and mixed by Ale at Mobsound Studio
Mastered by Carlo at Toxic Basement Studio
Artwork by www.behance.net/giorgiofranceschini



all rights reserved


Young Blood Milan, Italy

A mix of genuine hardcore and heavy rock'n'roll riffs.

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Track Name: Heads Or Tails
Blue eyes as lapis
Glistening & opaque
Like a wet stone in a river
Callous with no shiver

A self-benediction just seen in science-fiction
A captive bolt pistol
A glance chilled in the crystal

You ever loss on a coin toss?
You bet since your first breath

I m telling you it's the blood
that save yourself or kill yourself
I cannot call, I cannot call it for you
It s head or tails

Emotionless and compassionless
His hands come faith in any means necessary


It s just life or death
It s just save yourself or kill yourself
I cant call, cannot call it for you
it wouldnt be fair

I m just a ghost in a city of sorrow
Once we used to shake each other hands,now I just trust in a pierced head man
Track Name: Red In The Face
I ve seen more backbone in a snake
I ve seen more spine in a jellyfish
You re just a stupid fucking prick
You have necer had something to share with me

Left for dead in my hearts
Left for dead in my veins
I want to burn everythings
With this barrel of gasoline

Naked feet on broken glass
You're walking abashed as a scared rat
With bare hands i ll put you down
Tell me the taste of the ground

You dress your bullshit so cool
That now I know I m not that fucking fool
Let actions speak for words
Dont pretende my manners are just so rudd

Regret regret these skinned knees
Regret the time past as the memories
This is a song for you my friend
I dont wanna to see you again

Left for dead in my hearts
Left for dead in my veins
I got a name for your

I m literally sick of you
Track Name: Death From Above
We are the death from above
We are the first smell in the morning
We are the death from above
We are the smell of the victory

This hollow place we burning down
We got the crown of this fucking town
We are the hell in what we do
Nobody see in us a distint mood

The ones who pray
The ones who pray forgivennes
The ones who pray
The ones who pray for a quickest end

We are the death from above
We show no mercy show no ferling
We paraphrase
Words with bullets

I might seem cruel and ruthless
Because I just wanto see u Charlie
Once be a surfer
Track Name: Jealous Teeth
Hell knows I m a boring man
As nobody else on the planet earth
A little bit nihilist since the day of my birth but sweetheart trust me this is how I conquered

You can call me a jerk,
a schizophrenic with no purpose
Call me paranoid
But I found gold in the void
Is it therapeutic to meet me now?
See all these girls wishing my cock around
But the jealosuy of your plastic smile I ll make fertile make fertile with the seed of my shining life

Burn down by a solar flare
Get frozen on the 6th Ice Aged
Swallow into a earthquake
Disintegrated by space invaders

If will remain only 2 of us
And the world will fall apart
If you will ask me to be your king
You always been my whore of district

Tell me now sweetheart about your life
Is just been about the streets and the night?
I m not gettin' soften
I want to know something more
Than the colourway or the comfort
Of the back of a car or the last floor you ve been fucked up

Turn off the lights
Everything will be just fine
I m plenty of desire
I will tell u with a rhyme
This time wint go down in history
And tomorrow I wont be missing the bad smell of your tongue